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2023/24 CUAC Round 2: Rye House 25/11/2023

The second round of the 2023/24 CUAC season was a custom format concocted by our own Alistair a couple of seasons ago. Six heats, each driver participating in three of them, starting once near the front, once in the middle, and once at the back. The points from these rounds then set the grid for the A and B finals, which determine the results of the round.

Unusually for the time of year, the track was bone dry, if a little cold, it was clear from the practice sessions that getting the tyres warm would be key. The heats featured lots of close racing, and were overall very clean.

Luke demonstrating how to be fast around the lap
Jared returns

Woody had a strong performance to lead every lap and win the B final, despite pressure from Yonghao Zhao in the closing stages of the race. In the A final, unfortunately kart 3 was not performing well and Jared dropped down, leaving Luke and Alex on my (Adam's) tail for most of the race. On the penultimate lap Luke sent it down the inside into the long T1, leading to a two-lap long scrap between the three of us only for it to unravel with Luke getting pincered and spun at the final corner, so I allowed him to reovertake for second place. Congratulations to Alex on his first win!

Who needs wingmirrors?
Alex forgets his trophy

Full timing and results from all of the heats can be found on alphatiming, and scroll down for some bonus pictures and videos kindly taken by Woody!

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