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BUKC 2024 Test Day - Whilton Mill

The 2024 BUKC season kicked off with the traditional test session at Whilton Mill. The sign-up for this session closes before the Cambridge term starts, so for CUAC it is typically a chance for the more experienced drivers to ease themselves back in.

The day started well, with compliments from JV on the new suits!

Yaseen had never raced Club100 karts at Whilton before, and after a couple of mistakes in the first session he showed massive improvement in the second. Jack and Adam were very close for pace; Jack just about out on top on the timesheets, but in a role reversal from the Varsity race, Adam managed to cling on to Jack's rear bumper for most of the second session. The stalemate ended with a lap kart bringing Jack, Adam and a Warwick driver into battle. Jack went to switch the Warwick driver back into the final corner, but Adam hung back and managed to switch them both, making it three-wide into turn 1! The battle continued up into turn 5, where Adam had a small lock-up, leading Jack to spin in sympathy.

A positive start to the season, and we look forward to welcoming new drivers to the team at Buckmore Park in a few weeks!


Kart #

Session 1 fastest lap/s

Session 2 fastest lap/s

Jack Hepworth




Adam Ormondroyd




Yaseen Al-Khazali




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