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BUKC 2024 Test Day - Buckmore Park

Our second session of the 2024 BUKC season was the test day at Buckmore Park. As this session falls more comfortably into the Cambridge term than the Whilton Mill test, eight of our seasoned CUAC drivers attended along with three new drivers: James Fraser who has previously raced in BUKC for Durham, plus two rookie drivers Ayan Shoaib and Ben Martin.

Green suits going

The track started off wet from rain the night before, but most of the track dried up quickly as the sessions progressed. We were in groups Experienced A and Rookies A, which gave us a complex mix of conditions to practice. As is typical for this time of year, the first two corners didn't fully dry up due to the shade and detritus from the trees above.

A track walk to start the day
The real challenge: adjusting the pedals
All aboard the CUAC train!

Jack showed impressive pace in the wet first session with the fastest sector 1 of anyone, and the third fastest time overall. The rest of our drivers were scattered through the timesheets, which were dominated by those drivers who got a lap in at the end. In the (almost) dry second session Adam and Jack managed to secure a 1-2 in the times, this time Adam fastest in the first sector, Jack fastest in the second, and five of our drivers made the top ten. Both Ben and Ayan finished in the middle of their rookie sessions, good form in tricky conditions for their first time in a Club100 kart.

Full results available on alphatiming, scroll for more pictures, Next time, qualifiers!

"They're ideal racing trousers!" - Jack
Luke takes the weight limit very seriously
Someone needs to remind Alex which way to sit

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